2Drops wants to build apps people tell their friends about.

About Us

2Drops is a Singapore Pvt Ltd company manned solely by Tim Case. It's business is in building subscription-based apps with a focus of business to consumer. In 2017 2Drops will launch it's first app, WingTask, a mobile app designed for a small community of passionate developers.

Coming Soon

WingTask Launches in late 2017

WingTask is a mobile app that is a task manager for programmers

Visit the WingTask site


Salient launches in 2018

Salient is a time, task, and notes app that helps you climb the ladder of life while keeping attention that the ladder you're climbing is placed on the right wall.

I'm Tim Case

In 2017 I formed 2Drops to be the business vehicle through which I commercially launched apps that I hand built. the concept is to create a one man startup business that doesn't rely on outside funding to get started. Profitability depends on building really good software tht makes people happy.

  • Founder
  • Business Development
  • Designer
  • Front End Designer
  • Javascript Coder
  • Elm Coder
  • RubyonRails Coder
  • Ubuntu Admin
  • Chef DevOps

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